There are 2,400,000 UK Students.
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Student Marketing

Hivemind Marketing is a specialist marketing agency that simplifies how Brand and Marketing managers access the UK University network media
touchpoints that influence 2.5Million students daily.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a one stop shop for universities? One where you could tailor the creative specific to your product launches and campaigns that were aimed at recruiting/targeting the student demographic?

This insight has lead us to develop a unique opportunity with a national network of universities that utilises all the media resources and touch points the universityInternal media screens, social media channels and face-to-face contact interacting with student directly through events and activities.

We have experience with major brands showcasing their products and services to students in the UK. This is an under-developed opportunity to bring your brands, products and services to students who are open to influence and able to accept change particularly in the first stages of University life. It shouldn’t be this complex and tiresome to reach one of the biggest demographics with disposable income and the freedom to choose.