Student Marketing Agency

As an agency, our core role is to provide a service to our clients that is unique and relevant to the goals and objectives of their brand campaigns. We specialise in the Student Marketing sector, and focus entirely on that market. We are not  ‘an all things to all people’ agency. We only deal with Universities to allow us access to engage with channels that directly influence students every day. 

Student Marketing Agency

Our Thinking

Recognising that students who begin as freshers have very different priorities from those in final years is key to understanding how a Student Marketing strategy needs to evolve. These young fresh-faced students, in three to four years, will be the market for many brands of the future.

The brand loyalty that can be generated sets us apart as a Student Marketing Agency from an agency that put goods in bags at a freshers’ fair.

We can offer a one-off hit, a taste of a brand, but we feel the real ROI is embedded in the long term approach that starts from the beginning of the student experience. This generates inspiration and commitment that is needed to create brand fans.

Student Marketing strategy

Student Marketing Agency

Student Marketing Agency – How we can assist?

We offer a flexible and comprehensive platform for our clients that allows large and small strategies to be developed. These strategies can be long or short term, with a focus on direct communication and regular engagement with students.

The Student Marketing strategy is designed to utilise all the digital and physical opportunities of the universities. We can position your brand, product or service where it best fits and engages with the students at the right time.

Social Media platforms are widely used by the student; we tap into those. Media screens in every university are always on so we will place your brand message clearly there. Physical events, galas, balls, freshers weeks, refreshers week and sponsorships are all available to keep the brand in an ‘always on’ state.

As a Student Marketing agency, we get it; we understand the challenges this approach faces. However what we see is an approach that starts at the beginning of adulthood and influences decision making across three or four years, placing the brand in front of mind and delivering quantifiable ROI by monitoring local retail purchase points.