HiveMind Marketing Student Research

Hivemind Marketing is a specialist marketing agency with a clear and educated focus on the student market. With over three years of extensive hands-on and academic research, we are able to show how this market is effective for your brand’s future.

The team has delivered on-the-ground campus activities across the UK and spoken to a cross-section of students about how they live at university and how they believe that will affect their future lives.

Our focus is on bringing an always-on approach to marketing and delivering a long-term and long-lasting relationship with the brand, with the potential to create long-term brand fans.

We have explored this market and found that flexibility is key to our clients. So we offer a full student marketing strategy that has the ability to be run in full or in part; perfect for NPD and A-B testing of this group and product or geographical sectors. 

Our research has proven that university life means different things to different students at various stages of their journey.