Marketing to Students

We Specialise in  Marketing to Students

When we discuss marketing, we really mean tapping into the future stream of brand fans. Starting life as an adult at University begins with leaving home and its comforts; was your brand included at home? Will they choose your brand impulsively at University or flip brands based on new independence, convenience and even peer pressure?

Student Marketing Journey

What HiveMind Marketing can offer is a journey with many marketing touchpoints in a student’s daily life. Marketing to students via their social media accounts, on-campus media screens, websites and presence at social events are just some of the methods we engage to stay current and relevant for the brands we manage. When we market to students on campus, we have access to the media boards and the University websites. We can work to place products in halls of residence and provide main sponsorship opportunity at fairs and balls. We firmly position your brand, product or service front and centre of minds for the duration of the students’ stay at the University.

Student Marketing

Marketing to students is more than goody bags! The students are Generation Z and know how to choose what they want. They spend most of their time online and time is theirs to use as they wish. University life is academic and social; our focus when we consider students as future brand fans is to make sure we fit content, brand messages and information with their needs, schedules and into points where we know they congregate.

We have experience with major brands activating products and creating marketing plans. Marketing to students in the UK is an under-developed opportunity. We can help increase marketing of your brands, products and services to students who are open to influence and able to accept change particularly in the first stages of University life.

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