Student Marketing

The market for students studying in the UK is in excess of 2,400,000, all connected to their University by physical, digital or social media presence.

Students are susceptible to change; their entire environment changes in their first year and evolves as they progress through their academic life.  During this time students start to develop routines, habits, hobbies and even obsessions. During their University journey, financial stress, time-management and workload will affect their decisions, as will new friendships and alliances.

Student marketing

Student Marketing

Student Marketing

In the first year, students are keen to explore; they will explore their new space, time and boundaries. For a brand, this period is the most beneficial to position products and services in front of mind. A go-to solution can be formed for products and services that has the potential to influence them for the rest of their academic life and beyond.

The power of influencers is growing and University is not beyond that reach. Students will follow leaders and the purpose of our Student Marketing program is to cover all channels, including those influencers with one core message at a time across all of the University marketing touch points.

Student Marketing Agency

Student Marketing

We offer a marketing platform that can be adopted to suit each brand; we will never place a competing brand or conflicting messages in a University program.

Our target brands have health, environment and equality embedded in their core and this has allowed us to position a proposal to Universities that has been widely accepted with over 20 Universities ready to roll the program out, and more to follow.

The key to engaging the student market is understanding the daily life of the student. This evolves over the academic term and Hivemind has researched habits, trends and requirements of daily student life.

We can offer a student marketing plan for 12 months, 2 years or longer. We can offer AB testing and target group testing for NPD and other initiatives. We can position brands in key sponsorship positions at all major University events and have experience in all concepts. Across 2 years we have delivered a number of  Kellogg’s initiatives on a range of brand projects.

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