The modern student is very different from their predecessor. 

When compared to those in previous generations who attended university (Gen X, Boomers etc.) GEN-Z presents as more globally aware and tech-savvy. They are increasingly connected to their feelings, emotions and beliefs; more independent and more vocal on issues that concern them.

A lot of time is spend browsing and contributing to social media platforms, this communication is conducted on a global network.  Instagram appears to be the platform of choice, overtaking Facebook despite the same company owning both platforms. They are influenced by peers, social media and influencers who they relate to as ‘relevant.  Their opinions matter to their peers and often decisions are based on social media reviews or promotion.

How the eating and drinking habits have changed

Student Marketing Eating habitsThe modern student spends, at the lowest, only 14% of the monthly budget on alcohol compared with 42% of those who attended university in the early 2000s.

When those that choose to drink alcohol do their choices are influenced by craft beers, sustainable production methods and 0% Alchohol

Diets have changed and whilst fast food remains popular in early university life, organic and sustainable food choices replace Pot Noodles, ready meals or takeaway as the student finds a new way of life.

Thought Pizza still remains a very popular favourite when social groups are together

Student Marketing The Facts

Students respect and consider the environment as very important

The environment is at the forefront of the majority of student minds!

Purchasing is conditional to social well being and controversial news connected to a brand makes it taboo. Gen-Z’s ethics are strong, and their spending is thoughtful; the products and services they purchase must tick all social, economic, environmental, and behavioural boxes.

In short, the GEN Z students are the high street’s actual and virtual spenders of the future,  it would seem remiss for a brand to ignore the opportunity to adopt and engage this new consumer.

HiveMind Marketing specialises in bringing brands to this market. A comprehensive service and a connection to the UK university network allows insight into the most effective methods of engaging this sector.

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